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Questions About Voozlr

The earlier you join Voozlr the more benefits you will earn including claiming your "@" handle for your profile, locking early price offers for our premium plans, and special rewards such as trips, cash, and prizes for our early power users.
Voozlr requires you to add a city to connect you with other creators and local users nearby, but we will never reveal your actual address or exact location to anyone. Your data is 100% secured, that's why we restrict our platform by city instead of by neighborhood or town.
The purpose of Voozlr is connect you with your city, but we also give everyone the opportunity to interact with people and creators in other cities. Think of Voozlr as a global community of locals all in one place.
Nextdoor is a private social network for your specific neighborhood, and Voozlr is both a public and private social media platform for cities. While Nextdoor focuses on community building and social interactions between neighbors, Voozlr specializes in original content and ideas by local creators and people, and even encourages you to connect with people in other cities around the world.
No, Voozlr is a local social media platform not a basic location tag. Instagram, Facebook, and even Voozlr use a feature called a location tag to show the name of the location people have visited in their post, but when people share on Voozlr you can see what local people and creators share regardless of their present location.
Voozlr is 100% FREE for everyone, but if you're a content creator we give you the power to sell your content and offer a membership service to your fans. You keep all of your money after credit card transaction fees, and we only take a 10% platform fee when you cash out. We want to help creators like you make money and create without limitations.
Voozlr lets you build a fanbase, sell your content, and create a membership subscription business from a single platform. We offer the most transparent pricing model in the business, world class customer support, and a team of compassionate people that want to see you flourish as a creator: independently, locally, and digitally.
You own 100% of the original content you upload or create on Voozlr, of course it might also belong to your company, record label, studio, or partnership depending on your contract or agreement, but it will never belong to Voozlr.

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Sell digital eBooks, images, videos, songs, and more, directly to your audience with no upfront fees to start.

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Reward fans with exclusive content and other benefits for paying a membership amount of your choice.

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